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2020 Likely To Bring In Fresh Highs For Stocks, Says Barclay’s


Gold Prices in Consolidation Mode Despite Strong Housing Data


IPO ETF Faces Some Technical Tests


Gold ETFs Retreat, But Remain Favored by Retail Investors


S&P 500, U.S. Stock ETF Rally May Still Have Legs


Get Paid to Revisit Small Caps With This ProShares ETF


U.S., International Equities on Watch After Gloomy Outlook for Trade Deal

Moderate Jobs Growth Helps U.S. Stock ETFs Rebound

ETF of the Week: iShares Russell 1000 Value ETF (IWD)

Japan’s Bond Sell-Off a Warning to Global Debt Markets

Japan’s Bond Sell-Off a Warning to Global Debt Markets

Value vs. Growth: A Short, Medium, and Long-Term Challenge for the Average Investor


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GHSI Swing Trading vs Day Trading: Pros and Cons Of Each

Swing Trading vs Day Trading: Pros and Cons Of Each

China Kicks Investors While They’re Down

Get Ready for a Weaker U.S. Dollar … and Stronger Gold

The ‘Fix’ Is In


10 Top Fixed Income ETF Performers YTD

The ETFs For Treasury Bonds, Utilities And Junk Bonds Have Formed Trading Ranges

Fund Flow Trends Could Favor U.S. Equity Funds Over International

The Consumer Staples Sector is Leading and this Stock is About to Break Out

The Sectors Expected To Lead The Dow To 28,000

Weekly Market Outlook – Far From the Ideal Foray to New Highs


Fixed Income ETF Inflows Surpassed $25B During June

Hottest Summer Stocks

Hottest Summer Stocks

Equities And Emerging Markets Could Get A Boost From Rate Cuts Says One Analyst

Russell 1000, 2000 ETFs Will Get Some Popular IPOs


Fixed Income ETFs on Pace to Set New Inflow Record

A Unique Way to Approach Value Stocks

U.S. Markets Rip Higher On China, Fed News

Emerging Markets ETF Gives Technical Buy Signal

Legendary Investor Paul Tudor Jones: Rate Cuts Are Coming

How to Effectively Hedge Domestic Equity Exposure

iShares Lists Cybersecurity and Genomics ETFs


Smart Beta Product Usage Is on the Rise

10 ETFs To Play The Crude Oil Market

Gold ETFs: Fool’s Gold or the Real Deal?

Investors Preferring U.S. Dollar Over Gold Amid Trade Wars

Week Ahead: Markets May Face Broader Technical Headwinds; Volatility Likely To Resurface

Trump’s Trade Dilemma

Smartphone ETF Completes Its Conversion to a 5G Fund

JPMorgan says it’s poaching Google tech whizzes for its new equity-trading bot as Wall Street ramps up its automation revolution

S&P 500 Earnings: S&P 500 Earnings Yield Back Above 6%

3 Mining Stocks for Investors Seeking Gold Exposure

Crude Oil Falls On Inventory Builds And Bearish Sentiment In Commodities

Trump’s Trade War Is Good for These 3 Dividend Stocks

‘MINT’ Fixed Income ETF for Challenging Bond Market

ETF of the Week: Invesco DWA Technology Momentum ETF (PTF)

Gold Weekly: We Turn More Cautious

ETFs to Consider as Gold Prices Teeter on the Brink of Fragility

Trading Watch List 05.20.2019

Trading Watch List 05.20.2019

3 Midstream MLPs With 5%+ Yields And Growth Potential

3M Company: 3.3%+ Yield On Post-its

U.S. Markets Continue Rebound On Positive Earnings And Trade News

Spring Crash Of 2019: Risk Is Very, Very Real

Lessons On Low Market Volatility

Why ‘NOBL’ is a Dynamite Dividend ETF

12 Stocks To Avoid During US-China Trade Talks

U.S. Stock Market Slide Continues On Trade Woes

Steady As She Goes: Growth Despite Volatility

Weekly Market Outlook – If The Market’s Going Down, It’s Going Down Fighting

Weekly Market Outlook – If The Market’s Going Down, It’s Going Down Fighting

Best Stocks and ETFs To Buy In A Trade War

Silver Market May See A Boost If China Pulls Back

Safe Stock Play for Trade Tariff Troubles

Sell In May: Now’s A Good Time To Take Some Profits

U.S. Markets Still Shaky on China Trade News

Buy Alert for Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. (RRGB)

Traps Galore

U.S. Markets Drop On Trump China Tariff Talk

E-Commerce Helps a Surprising Argentina ETF

Is Bond Market Liquidity a Problem?

Where Are All the Mixed Signals Are Coming From?

Weekly Economic Release Summary – Q1 2019 Economic Growth Overstated

Some Sector Rotation Is Starting To Appear

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Strong Jobs Report Boosts Stocks – S&P 500 Nears Another Record

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SPY ETF Breaks New All-Time High, Up Over 18% YTD

After a Rough Week, Oil ETFs Can Regain Form

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What Is Direct Indexing? If It Sounds Familiar, That’s Because It Is.

Mid-Cap Dividend ETF ‘REGL’ Adds New Components

Thoughts on Global Commodities

Q1 2019 Earnings: Is the Party Almost Over?

Oil Prices Are Off To The Races

4 Inverse Euro ETFs to Capitalize on Further EU Currency Woes

All Eyes On The Mighty Greenback! This Is How It Looks On A Relative Rotation Graph

All Eyes On The Mighty Greenback! This Is How It Looks On A Relative Rotation Graph

20 Precious Metals ETFs to Diversify Portfolios

Big Earnings Week Ahead

Crude Oil: Expecting An Imminent Daily Cycle Low

10 Arbitrage Stocks To Buy As Market Hits Historic Highs

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Expect More Growth in Internet of Things Market

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Valuation Expert Says the Latest IPOs are Too Expensive